Friday, November 16, 2012

One for Sophia


We are starting a new community giving campaign, "One for Sophia", that moves people in our community to give in small amounts through establishments they would ordinarily frequent. Proceeds from the campaign benefit women we serve while it provides an opportunity for every socially concerned person a way to help women in their time of greatest need. You can find more details about the program below.

With the Ribbon Cutting for Sophia's Place at St Luke's behind us, We are preparing for our clients to move into their new home this coming weekend. Thank you to all of you who have supported us in this endeavor. Dreams really do come true.

And, in addition to Sophia's Place becoming home to many, we opened the Eastside Winter Shelter for women and children on November 1st at the Redmond United Methodist Church. We are are here to provide warmth, shelter and a hot meal to many women and children as we enter our most inclement weather conditions here in the great Pacific Northwest.

I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

With warm regards,
Helen Leuzzi
Executive Director
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"One For Sophia"

"One for Sophia" is a community giving program that awakens the philanthropist inside each of us.

This campaign moves citizens to give in small amounts through commercial establishments that serve as agents for social giving. Basically, it is a fund raising event involving the generous participation of volunteers, corporate sponsors, and commercial establishments, i.e. restaurants, drinking establishments, coffee houses, and theaters. Proceeds from the campaign benefit our clients.

When a person frequents a coffee shop, cafĂ©, theater  restaurant, bar, etc. they can elect to purchase "one for Sophia." The purchase is monetary and symbolic; it doesn't result in the preparation of an additional meal, coffee, or movie ticket. The patron simply pays extra to support the Sophia Way in a transaction amount comfortable to them. This gives restaurants, coffee shops, and other establishments a NO-COST way to become an agent for social giving. The establishment collects the payment, records the transaction, and keeps track of "extras" purchased for Sophia. At the end of the accounting period the establishment provides the funds collected, minus transaction expenses, to The Sophia Way.

  • What: a micro-philanthropy campaign that serves to raise funds and friends for The Sophia Way
  • Who: The Sophia Way and the women it serves, individuals and businesses, local government
  • Where:in restaurants, theaters, coffee shops and other establishments in Seattle and the Eastside
  • How: simply ask to buy "One for Sophia" when you are doing your regular shopping, buying a meal, coffee, movie ticket, etc.
  • Why: to raise funds to serve women experiencing homelessness

With your support, we are sure, this will be another successful campaign this year.

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