Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Changes in The Sophia Way Executive Team


I am honored to be asked to rejoin The Sophia Way as Executive Director and once again lead our team in the support of women on their path from homelessness to independence. I am passionately committed to the women, our mission, the Board of Directors and Staff who bring these goals alive and especially to you, our family of supporters, who enable our work.

I am also very excited about the new leadership format that is in place at The Sophia Way. It is my pleasure to introduce our new Assistant Executive Director, Katherine Jordan. We are thrilled to have her! She will execute the day-to-day operations of the organization as I mentor her efforts and concentrate on strategic planning to deepen and broaden the services and foundation of the organization.

Katherine Jordan is a Washington native and has resided in the Bellevue area since 1984. She received a Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA) from Seattle University and has found her passion for serving others while focusing her career efforts for the past 15 years on partnership development, community building and fund raising. Katherine is very excited to join The Sophia Way and is looking forward to furthering our mission while growing outreach, impact and community.
Katherine and I look forward to celebrating our 5th Anniversary of shelter, support and housing for women experiencing homelessness while we work diligently to create a future wherein these services are available to all the women we serve.
Warmest Regards,
Helen Leuzzi
Executive Director 
How to contact:
Helen -
Katherine - or 425.463.6285 Ext. 101

Thursday, August 1, 2013

With them on their side

Thursday August 1, 2013
During my many years of experience in the service sector, I have always been amazed at human resilience. Given the right opportunities and support, all of us have the ability not only to turn our lives around but also to flourish; many of our clients at The Sophia Way exemplify this belief. The Story of Edna and Yvette is an excellent example of this human resiliency. After 20 years of homelessness, they are now settled in their apartment and happy! Read more about their story below and how we were able to assist them in their journey.
Please don't miss our fifth Annual Benefit Journey Luncheon  coming up on Thursday, September 26th at the Red Lion Hotel, Bellevue. Everyone at The Sophia Way is indebted to Danny Rogers, General Manager/Red Lion Hotel, Bellevue for sponsoring our benefit Luncheon yet again. Every dollar gifted at our Luncheon goes directly to The Sophia Way - a great opportunity for us to raise our funding levels - due to Danny's and Red Lion Hotel's generosity and community spirit. Be sure to join us as we have a wonderful event planned for you. I look forward to meeting you there.
Thank you!
Christie H. Paneiro, MSW, MPA
Executive Director
With them on their side
Edna and Yvette are mother and daughter who were homeless for nearly 20 years. Most nights you could find them sleeping in their pick-up truck making sure not to stay in one area too long to avoid detection and to stay safe. They began to frequent the Angeline's Eastside Day Center at the Bellevue First Congregational Church. Slowly the staff from the Sophia Way and Angeline's gained their trust, befriending them while helping to meet their needs, once even waiting with them in the rain for roadside assistance to fix a flat tire. Our relationship with them grew, their trust grew, and finally they agreed to come into our office for an intake and we began talking about housing. We were able to refer them to the Landlord Liaison Program which enabled us to house them in an apartment. The timing couldn't have been better, as shortly after they moved in Edna became extremely ill needing hospitalization. Their Case Manager was with them when Edna's doctor delivered the news that Edna's prognosis was not very good...Edna was not expected to survive. She surprised everyone - SHE SURVIVED - and also importantly, she had a home to which she could return which no doubt contributed to her willingness and eagerness to fight for survival.

Edna and Yvette's lives have improved dramatically over the past year. Edna has focused on her health, has lost weight and appears healthy, contented and happy. Yvette's focus is school. Given that she is having some difficulty with her math class we are hoping to find a tutor for her. They have joined a Church community with Yvette planning to be  baptized soon. They attend church functions regularly and seem to be very happy in this community. They have been housed for more than three years. Those who know them are amazed at where they are now after spending 20 years homeless and adrift.
In This Issue
With Them on Their Side
Save the Date: Annual Benefit Journey Luncheon
Half-off Sale at Sophia's Thrift Shoppe

Save the Date: The Sophia Way Annual Benefit Journey Luncheon

September 26
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Red Lion Hotel, Bellevue
It is that time of the year again! Save the date now for our Annual Benefit Journey Luncheon on Sept 26th at the Red Lion Hotel, Bellevue. This year, our theme is "Community is Empowerment" to celebrate and honor the wonderful community in which we live. Our almost five year journey with you has provided many much needed services to women who without a caring community might have lost their way.

We are excited to have Judith Lightfoot, Ph.D. as our Keynote Speaker. Notable Journalist, Author and Poet, Judith covers the social concerns section for Crosscut. We are very happy to have Shannon Bell back as our emcee this year as well!
We look forward to seeing you at the luncheon. Stay tuned for the formal invite coming your way in two weeks.

The Sophia Way is supported by United Way of King County.

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